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Everyone knows there’s always times where covers can sound better than originals. This is one of those cases.


Hino Kit is a remarkable artist who deserves every bit of recognition. Although she’s currently in a bit of an art block, I always light up whenever she posts pictures of WIPs or the finished pieces. She’s been such a great mentor to me when it comes to improving my figure drawings. She…



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Srsly. You will not regret ordering from her you guise. She fucking delivers amazing every time. ; u;


I’m no longer even entertaining anons who talk about how much or how little money I make. If you’re mad because I’m a sex worker, I’m not sorry. I understand that seeing someone succeed while you’re struggling is frustrating because I’ve been there. I feel your pain. But…

It really doesn’t matter WHAT your job is. This lesson applies to everyone the same.

#janaecorradoart contest by artist @ janaecorrado :D

#janaecorradoart contest by artist @ janaecorrado :D


a short comic i did for my english sci-fi final, about a girl and her android

talk about things taking forever @__@



isn’t it weird that you can have friends but also have no friends at the same time



With this tutorial, you too can learn how to draw a tiger (or a dog) using a simple dick doodle as base. An invaluable skill for sure.

I’ve been looking for a trick to do big cats and their weird brow and nose ridges